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Eighty-Eight Frequencies


Houston International Film Festival
Biographical Screenplay

Who is this woman?

Frau Hedwig Keisler-Mandl

Who is this woman?


To read Eighty-Eight Frequencies, just use the form below to send me an e-mail letting me know why you’d like to have a copy. I’ll reply within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. You don’t have to be a movie producer or a professional anything to read my work … I’d just like to know why you’re interested. All I ask in return is that you send me an e-mail when you’ve read it with an honest appraisal. (And of course, if by some chance you are a film producer or a professional something, all the better …

Also, I’m not a spammer and I will keep your e-mail address confidential – in fact, I promise that after we’ve corresponded, I’ll delete your address.

Thanks for your interest!


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