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The choice August 23, 2008

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Satire of Shepherd Fairey poster

Old inbetweeners refuse to fade away January 19, 2008

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Old inbetweeners refuse to fade away  ...

Watercolor by Virgil “Vip” Partch. Left to right: Sam Cobean, Tony Rivera, Bill McIntyre, Vip Partch, Reginald Massie (foreground), Dick Shaw.

This probably dates from late 1941 or 1942, after the Disney strike in which they all participated. All five would have been in their late twenties to early thirties at the time …


The artist formerly known as Captain Beefheart October 7, 2007

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“Ice Cream for Crow” October 6, 2007

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Captain Beefheart performs the title song of what seems to have been his final album.


An American In Paris August 25, 2007

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T-L Chocolat

Left: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

For the sequence in my screenplay Tabula Rasa in which Lucy escapes from her father to a movie theater, I originally intended for her to see Lust For Life, the Van Gogh biography starring Kirk Douglas and directed by Vincente Minnelli. But when I went to the video rental store, they didn’t have Lust For Life, and they did have this by the same director. A better choice for Lucy’s palette, as it turned out …


Dad makes The New Yorker July 2, 2007

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New Yorker magazine cover, 10/8/1949, by Reg Massie

The October 8, 1949 cover of The New Yorker magazine, by my father, Reginald Massie.

He would have been ninety-eight years old today. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Pibgorn lives! April 22, 2007

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One of my first non-posts on this non-blog was about one of my favorite comics, which contrary to recent rumor has not been discontinued and will live on in what its author calls “the digital ether”.


“It’s a commission from British Railways!” August 26, 2006

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Mike Morgan and Alec Guinness

Right: Mike Morgan (left) and Alec Guinness (right)

When I had to come up with the names of three movies that “closely resembled” my screenplay Tabula Rasa, one of the movies I listed was The Horse’s Mouth (1958), directed by Ronald Neame from Alec Guinness’s screenplay based on the novel by Joyce Cary.

Gulley Jimson (Guinness) is an Artist, not all that different in a suprising number of respects from my Lucy Hoffman. One primary difference is that Lucy is a twelve-year-old girl, whereas Jimson is a dirty, lecherous bum — whose work just happens to be in the permanent collection of the Tate Gallery.


Silliness August 3, 2006

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Tile, respondingAs I mentioned the other day, I’m recovering from a rather nasty sinus infection, made more difficult because our office manager is on a well-earned vacation in Italy, and made downright nasty by the awful heat that has only broken in the last day or so. For some reason, a few people seem to think it’s funny for someone to be coughing and sneezing when it’s 100° F outside. Trust me, it’s not.

As you can imagine, I’ve been in a place where any diversion or amusement is most welcome. (more…)