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Makes perfect sense to me August 22, 2008

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

John McCain - Get Out Of Gaffe Free

Just so we are clear:

Visiting your grandmother while vacationing in Hawaii, the state where you were born – elitist.

Meeting a millionaire heiress in Hawaii, who you will soon begin an affair with and divorce your wife and then go on and buy a ton of houses, and then going on and honeymooning in Hawaii – not elitist.

— John King, CNN

Glenn Greenwald’s perspective.

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1. Ann's New Friend - August 23, 2008

Who says that McCain’s having been a POW exempts him from criticism? He seems to have plenty of critics within his own party. Personally, I admire him enormously but I do not find him perfect and don’t like all his ideas: such as campaign finance reform which, as far as I’m concerned, treads on the 1st amendment right of free speech.

Criticise all you like. But if “elitist” is the best somebody can come up with?? I don’t think Obama’s critics complaining he is “elitist” are incensed about the senator’s success in life. Bravo to him. They’re complaining that he pretends to speak for a class of people that he does not truly represent and whose experiences he can hardly be said to really understand — notwithstanding his bi-racial, multicultural upbringing.

Perhaps Obama’s critics are mistaken. Got any evidence that they are? Pictures are clever, but they turn serious topics into one-dimensional cartoon versions of ideas.

One reason I won’t be voting for Senator Obama (apart from his record, which is reason enough) is that his own supporters cannot point to anything the man has actually done. Obama’s critics seem to be better acquainted with the senator’s activities — both in Illinois and in the US Senate than the man’s supporter’s are!

And I’m not looking for a rock star. European speeches. Pff! That was distinctly off putting. Someone needed to tell Senator Obama that the Europeans would not be voting for him.

What next? Madonna as the US Trade Representative? Oops, sorry. That was Gore who finds Madonna so indespensible. The idea of a wound up, speechifying Captain Kirk for president doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a dangerous world. The next president better know something substantive — because, to quote the new Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful: ” the presidency is not a place for on-the-job training.”

That said. I like your musical choices. It’s nice to know that there’s more to life than Blue and Red states. Check out Regina Carter, jazz violinist.

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