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For some reason, they love me in Texas April 11, 2008

Posted by Jeff in Movies, Zook.

Equity strike picketers, 1919

For the second year in a row, one of my screenplays has won a Remi Award from the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

The Remi Award

This year’s award winner is Equity, my original script about the 1919 Actors Equity strike of Broadway performers, which will be honored in the category of Dramatic Screenplay.

Last April, I travelled to Houston to pick up my Platinum Remi for Eighty-Eight Frequencies. This year I’m not going to Houston, so I’ll have to wait until after the WorldFest awards banquet to learn the metallurgical level of my prize (bronze, silver, gold, platinum or the Grand Jury Prize a/k/a the Mithril Armadillo).

I was about to say that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for these guys, but since I’m sitting at work at the moment and they had nothing to with that, I’ll just say once again how grateful I am for my Thursday night crew and their years of support.

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1. Tina - April 11, 2008

seems like you’re rockin’ Texas’ world – way to go.

2. Thaddeus - April 11, 2008

Muchly with the congratulations.

What’s the story with the Equity strike? I’ve never heard of it.

3. Shannon allbright - April 11, 2008


4. joe - April 11, 2008

CONGRATS! you have lived with that script a L O N G time. it now gets a texas, att boy!!! yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaw.
damn glad you’re one of ‘these guys!’

5. Young - April 11, 2008

kickin’ some serious texan arse’!

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