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An non-break from not blogging February 11, 2008

Posted by Jeff in News about the non-blog.

Back in the summer of 2006, my friend Bob was so scornful of bloggers, that to avoid his snark I told him the only reason I was setting up a … well, a non-blog … was to promote my writing projects.

By my calculation, this is my six hundredth non-post on my non-blog, representing at least one post per day pretty much without fail since I started.

Especially in recent months, almost half of those posts have been repeats, and even then I have found the tail wagging the dog, as the non-blog often seemed to become more important than what I started it to promote.

I’m very happy to say that I have started on a new and rewarding writing project. While I’m busy at it I will probably be non-posting no more than an average of once every ten days or so.

There is, and will continue to be, a sizable library of “my favorite things” available in the archives of this blog, sorted by subject under the “Not my tags” header in the sidebar.

If you’re one of those who regularly checks my blog, save yourself some effort by setting up an RSS feed by scrolling down this page to “Not my feeds”. It’s an easy way to keep up with this and all the other blogs you’re reading.

This is not the end of the non-blog. At some point in the indeterminate future I will be back to regular non-posting, maybe even daily, more verbose and unfocused than ever. The non-blog lives!


1. Amrit - February 25, 2008

I liked the way you write… Keep it up….

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