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Prodigies January 23, 2008

Posted by Jeff in Classical, Music.

I’ve always been fascinated with child prodigies, having been a little bit of one myself.

Lucy, the heroine of my screenplay The Arch Conspirators, is a child prodigy. And so was violinist Sarah Chang, who auditioned for Juilliard at the age of six. Here she at the age of fifteen, playing the Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 by another prodigy, Felix Mendelssohn, accompanied by Kurt Masur and the New York Philharmonic.

Above and below, the first movement, allegro molto appassionato:

Many famous violin prodigies have started their careers with this piece, including Jascha Heifetz, who gave his first public performance of it at the age of seven.

The second movement, andante:

When I was first enrolled in kindergarten, I had already known how to read and write for a couple of years. On our first day in class, Mrs. Burke showed us how to write the letter “a”, and then gave us an assignment to write two rows of “a”s. I finished my two rows and stopped, but then I noticed that Patty Sitkowski was writing more than just two rows. So I proceeded to write more rows of “a”s, then turned the page over and filled the other side. Just as Mrs. Burke was telling us to put our pencils down, I turned back to the first page and wrote “(Continued on the other side)” before turning it in …

The third movement, Allegretto non troppo – Allegro molto vivace:

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1. joe - January 23, 2008

(continued on the other side)
a fine epitaph.

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