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Duck Soup, part 3 December 31, 2007

Posted by Jeff in 1929 through WWII, Duck Soup, Movies, Musicals, Weirdness.

The mirror sequence (seen in the second of today’s clips) may be the most famous routine in Duck Soup, but it wasn’t original.

The same routine was performed by Charlie Chaplin in The Floorwalker (1916) and by Max Linder in Seven Year’s Bad Luck (1921). It was later replicated in the 1945 Bugs Bunny cartoon Hare Tonic, re-enacted by Harpo with Lucille Ball on a 1950’s “I Love Lucy” show episode, and also appeared as part of the opening credits for the 60s TV series “The Patty Duke Show”.

Shortly before this film premiered, the city of Fredonia, New York, complained about the use of its name with an additional “e”. The Marx Brothers’ response was: “Change the name of your town, it’s hurting our picture.”

(NOTE: today’s section runs 17:37)

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