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A petition campaign for Buddhist solidarity with the monks and nuns of Burma October 5, 2007

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

Blog for Burma Day

“Love and kindness must win over everything”

We, the Buddhists of the world and those of us who deeply admire the peaceful tenants that make up the Buddhist way of life, implore the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC, the official name of the military regime of Burma (Myanmar)) to refrain from taking any actions that:

1. Physically harm the Buddhist monks and nuns participating in the protest marches currently taking place in major cities and towns in Burma .

2. Infiltrate the protesting groups by pretending to be monks and nuns (via having the head shaven and dressing in monks’ robes) and then instigitating violence from within through such pretension .

3. Offer poisoned foods as alms (Dana) .

4. Arresting and beating up people or persons who offers food and water (dana) to the monks.

5. Arresting the protesting monks and treating them like criminals, such as catching the monks by lariats and ropes, tying them up with wires and strapping them onto electrical poles, slapping their cheeks, kicking them with military boots and hitting their heads with rifle butts.

We appeal to the members of the military regime to act in accordance with the sacred Buddha-Dharma, in the spirit of loving-kindness, compassion and non-violence.

We implore the millitary regime to accede to the wishes of the common people of Burma, to establish the conditions for the flowering of justice, democracy and liberty.

We wish to convey our admiration and support to the large number of Buddhists monks and fellow Dharma practitioners for advocating democracy and freedom in Burma, and would like to appeal to all freedom-loving people all over the world to support such non-violent movements.

We pray for the success of this peace movement and the early release of Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.












City, State

This petition comes from the Buddhist Channel website. Here are copies of the petition in PDF format; one for signing by an individual, the other for signing as a group.

My friends Sky and Joe suggest you fax and/or email and/or mail the petitions to:

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
2300 S Street NW,
Washington D.C. – 20008
Office hours: (Mon – Fri)
Tel: 202-332-3344, 202-332-4350, 202-332-4352
FAX : 202-332-4351
Email: info@mewashingtondc.com
E-mail: thuriya@aol.com

Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United
10 EAST 77TH St. N. Y 10021, New York .
Tel: 212-535-1310, 535-1311
Fax: 212-737-2421
E-mail: myanmar@un.int

Professor Ibrahim Gambari
Undersecretary General for Political Affairs
United Nations
New York, NY 10017 USA

Tel: +1 212 963 5055/ 0739
Fax: +1 212 963 5065/ 6940

E-mail: gambari@un.org


1. Jeff - October 5, 2007
2. Sky Kunerth - October 8, 2007

Hi Jeff —

It’s Sky, Joe’s friend. Thank you for putting up the petition. I’ve gotten back many more petitions than I thought I would — and I hear there is more on the way. I am so very touched.

The first batch of petitions has been faxed — and while doing that I discovered that the contact information Permanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations (the 2nd agency on your list of contacts) has no working numbers, fax nor phone. I have emailed them to try to find updated info, but have not heard back.

Again, thank you for posting the petition and I look forward to perhaps meeting you in person one day!

A big fan from post #1,

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