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George would have been proud September 15, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Music, Weirdness.

Almost fifty years after his death, George Antheil’s Ballet Mecanique was finally performed in its full original orchestration, thanks to computer technology …

… that Antheil himself had a role in inventing.

There’s more about the life of “The Bad Boy Of Music,” Hollywood film-score composer, writer, inventor, endocrinologist, military historian and romance columnist for Esquire magazine, in my original screenplay, Eighty-Eight Frequencies.

Thanks to Hiroshi Kubota for finding this video!

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1. Tina - March 13, 2007

now I get how this music fits into the script and its visuals.

besides Antheil having achieved such a dubious, although admittedly, impressive orchestral accomplishment – I have to give props to the techie’s for managing to wrangle this piece into the land of computer technology.

I would, however, liked to have seen the audience’s reaction upon its completion.

2. Jeff - March 13, 2007

Yeah, I would’ve liked to see them throwing chairs … 😉

3. Shannon allbright - March 15, 2007

very cool, after reading your script, this is exacly what I thought it would sound like…. loved it, WAY ahead of the times….

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