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She didn’t know enough about him August 5, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Jazz, Peggy Lee, Swing.

In the early 1950s, the Snader Corporation produced a number of short films called Telescriptions, intended to fill in gaps between shows on local TV stations. You could say they were the first music videos.

Someone seems to have come up with either the original negatives or high-quality copies. This number, “I Don’t Know Enough About You”, was written by Peggy Lee and her husband Dave Barbour, aka the guitarist with the short pants, who can also be seen over her shoulder in Benny Goodman’s band in yesterday’s clip.

Lee and Barbour married in March 1943, not long after Stage Door Canteen was made. Benny Goodman had a strict rule against band members getting involved, so they were both fired. Lee made up with Goodman and eventually rejoined the band, but Barbour was never invited back.

Barbour was not only Lee’s accompanist but her collaborator on several of her best known songs, including “Mañana” and “Fever”. He was an alcoholic, who divorced Lee in 1951 after their daughter was born because he didn’t think he could handle being a father. He got sober a year later.

In 1964, as he was dying of liver cancer, they got re-engaged, but he died before they could re-marry.

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