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That’s Digby??? June 22, 2007

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

This is a little embarrassing. Digby’s Hullaballoo has been one of my favorite political blogs for years …

… but until I saw this I had no idea Digby was a woman!

The blogger known as Digby accepts the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award at the Gala Dinner at Take Back America 2007 in Washington, DC, June 19, 2007, sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future. If you’re interested, all of the blogs to which she pays tribute are on my blogroll.

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1. todayyesterdayandtomorrow - June 23, 2007

Why in the world are you embarrassed in your discovery that the writer of one of your favorite political blogs is a woman?

2. Jeff - June 23, 2007

Y’know, I’ve spent some time thinking about that since I posted.
Having read Digby for as long as I have, I assumed I would have sussed it out on my own by now. Like some pseudonymous political bloggers, she seldom, if ever, writes in a personal context that would have led me to figure out her gender. Would I know that Kos was a man if I hadn’t heard him on radio and TV? And if not, would I have assumed he was male?
Every time I log onto Hullabaloo, the first thing I see is Peter Finch from Network (“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”) That’s a strong archetype — and a very masculine one. Easy to make the jump from there, perhaps.
But I think there may have been a smidge of sexism in my assumption that someone who writes as assertively as she does must be male. That’s something I find embarrassing — and worthy of further comment and reflection.

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