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Welcome news from the Wilton Board of Censorship Education June 19, 2007

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias", "Voices Of Conflict", Drama in Wilton, Theater.

Bonnie DickinsonOne of the clouds that’s been hanging over the Voices In Conflict matter has been the Board of Education’s response to the accusations of Wilton High School parent Barbara Alessi against theater teacher/VIC director Bonnie Dickinson (right). Alessi’s charges, and an editorial supporting them, were published in the April 5 edition of the Wilton Bulletin, Wilton’s “newspaper of record”.

So this notice, passed on from the Playgoer blog, sounds like good news:

We have received a number of emails expressing support for Bonnie Dickinson and concern over potential disciplinary action. I wish to clarify the situation. In April, we received a complaint from a parent about Ms. Dickinson. After receiving the complaint, we followed an investigative process that included administrative review of the complaint, an opportunity for both parties to be heard, and examination of the facts. After a thorough review we found no evidence that would justify disciplinary action against Ms. Dickinson. We consider the matter concluded.

On a separate note, we congratulate the students on their successful off-campus performances of the revised “Voices in Conflict” project.

Gary G. Richards

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