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The Villager corrects its apology … apologizes for its incorrectness … or something … April 21, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Drama in Wilton, Legit, Theater.

Okay, this is getting hilarious.

I had noted in my post on Thursday that the Wilton Villager had referred to the Times‘s correction as an “apology”. The Villager has now changed their website to refer to the Times item as a correction — but in so doing they didn’t offer a correction (or an apology) for their own subjective characterization.

The Villager has also posted this:

Asked for comment Thursday, [Barbara] Alessi released her own statement, saying her family had been sure the New York Times would clear her daughter’s name.

“The New York Times has acknowledged their error. They have exonerated Gabriella,” wrote Alessi. “But this acknowledgment would have been unnecessary if The New York Times had verified, pre-publication, their information. The article was rife with error and misinformation which served to ignite a unwarranted negative firestorm of criticism against my daughter and against all the good people of Wilton. My hope is that now that the New York Times has finally begun to investigate their story, that more acknowledgments of error on their part will be forthcoming.”

Excuse me … but how has the Times “exonerated” Gabby? The only “crimes” of which the Times has ever accused Gabby were that:

  1. She didn’t like VIC;

  2. She posted on Facebook that she was happy it was cancelled; and

  3. Someone thought she distributed copies of the script to unknown parties.

#1 was proven by Gabby’s multiple TV interviews on the subject. For #2, I haven’t heard Barbara deny that Gabby posted on Facebook, and if she did or didn’t, so what?

And as regards #3, for which the Times has admitted they should have solicited Gabby’s reaction, I ask you: what if Gabby had distributed the script? It’s not like it was ever a secret that she didn’t like it … so once she had dropped out of Theater Arts II, why shouldn’t she have given it to other people who might support her position? Hell, I’ve probably distributed it online to more people than Gabby Alessi-Friedlander has ever met in her life. And I think it’s a great script.

Y’know, the more I think about it, not only do I believe Gabby when she says she didn’t distribute the script in advance of Canty’s cancellation, but I don’t think anyone else did either. If they had, don’t you think someone in Wilton whose last name wasn’t Alessi or Canty would have found something in it to go on record as objecting to?

As for the Villager, I wonder if they’re going to apologize to the Times for calling the correction an apology. And will they now have to apologize for not posting a correction?

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