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“Work on the script and keep our options open” April 3, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Drama in Wilton, Legit, Theater.

The following is direct from one of the students in the WHS Theater Arts II class (I’m not going to say who for obvious reasons):

We all wish there was a way to perform it at school, but there’s no way that will happen this year. Our principal wants to delay an in-school production for as long as he can, which is why he has said it has only been ‘postponed’. He told us maybe in five years, so I think that’s the earliest anyone can expect to see a play of this sorts performed at WHS. You know, when it doesn’t really matter anymore. As everything stands now, we’re stuck. Our director has risked her job enough as it is, and the administration refuses to back down because of some bad press (which is surprising, because they were willing to shut down an unfinished play because of a single parent…). All we can do for now is work on the script and keep our options open.

As I said in last night’s post, I can fully understand and sympathize with the pressure this must be putting on a group of teenagers under this kind of spotlight, and I will not be critical of their desire to get this behind them.

Canty and the school district seem to have already backed off their implied threats to retaliate if the students tried to perform the play off-campus, and they no longer seem to be throwing up the silly smokescreens about non-issues like copyright “violations”. But the above student’s post just underscores that the only pressure that will resolve this is “people power”.

I urge everyone who reasd this to e-mail the school directors and implore them to honor the students’ right to free speech and to perform their play in their school.

Be forceful and direct, but DO NOT BE RUDE!!!. I know the mentality of these people — I grew up with them — and I think they’re almost as frightened as the Theater Arts II kids must be, and the above comments underscores that they’re reacting from the gut — just like we are. Remember how effective people like Spocko have been, and follow their lead.

The e-mail for WHS principal Tim Canty is cantyt@wilton.k12.ct.us. And here are the e-mails for Superintendent Gary Richards (superintendent@wilton.k12.ct.us) and the Wilton Board of Education (boe@wilton.k12.ct.us):

Karen Birck, Chairman (birburn@optonline.net)

Lisa Bogan, Vice-Chairman (boebogan@optonline.net)

Dona Waskom, Secretary (donawilton@aol.com)

Gil Bray (gilmore.bray@misys.com)

Troy Ellen Dixon (tedboemail@earthlink.net)

Robert Garland (bobgarlandboe@aol.com)

Tomorrow I will post what I have to say to them. If you write them, post what you had to say in the comments here.

Finally, if you want to e-mail others and/or post links to my blog posts, feel free — use the following URL (it will always bring up the most recently tagged posts):


Everything you need to know about the situation can be found here.

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