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“Beyond The Fringe” March 10, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Before Derek and Clive … before Monty Python or SCTV or Saturday Night Live … there were four Cambridge undergraduates: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore.

Their college satirical sketches caught the eye of a producer who booked them into an obscure Edinburgh theater during the annual Arts Festival and its simultaneous sidebar celebration, the Fringe … thus, Beyond The Fringe.

These clips are from the 1964 Gala Farewell performance of the original West End production. In “Civil War”, Bennett, Cook and Miller try to give a civil defense lecture, with very little cooperation from Moore:

“Aftermyth of War” sends up World War II documentaries:

In “So That’s The Way You Like It”, the troupe performs a satire of Shakespeare performance, specifically the Peter Hall speakitallveryveryfast style.

In “The End Is Nigh”, the quartet awaits the end of the world:

After Beyond The Fringe, Alan Bennett went on to become one of England’s best-known comic playwrights and novelists. Jonathan Miller went on to be one of the busiest and most overrated directors of opera.

More clips with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Tomorrow, the most popular Pete and Dud post on the non-blog.

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