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Derek and Clive: Celebrity suicide March 8, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Weirdness.

In which Clive (Peter Cook) explains to Derek (Dudley Moore) why he walked away from his ball-bearing business.

Like all the other Derek and Clive cuts, this is most definitely R-rated.

This is from their 1979 album, Derek and Clive Ad Nauseum. By this point Peter Cook was drinking heavily, and legend has it that Dudley Moore walked out before the sessions ended. By this time Moore had moved to Hollywood, where he carved out a lucrative if somewhat unlikely career as a comedic leading man in such hit movies as Foul Play, Arthur and 10.

Cook and Moore didn’t work together again until the first of the US Comedy Relief concerts in 1987, where they performed “One Leg Too Few”. (NOTE: I don’t think the clip is from the Comedy Relief performance.) Comedy Relief was their last performance together, although they remained in contact.

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