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Goodbye, Pete and Dud March 6, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

In 1993, Peter Cook appeared on a BBC talk show hosted by Clive Anderson (best known in the US as the host of the original UK version of “Whose Line Is it Anyway?”) Here’s Cook as Eric Daley, lead singer of Ye Gods, who has recently checked out of the Henry Ford Clinic.

It would appear that sometime during the 1980s, Peter Cook either reduced his drinking or got sober. By 1989 Cook was happily married and in semi-retirement. He died of an internal hemmorhage in 1995 at the age of fifty-seven.

Here’s the signoff of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s TV series, Behind the Fridge. Moore performed the song at Cook’s memorial service, seven years before his own death of cerebral palsy:

For an insanely exhausting collection of Peter Cook material in mp3 format, both with and without Dudley Moore, I recommend the Establishment (Peter Cook Appreciation Society) webpage.

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1. Poptique - December 30, 2006

The special with Clive Anderson was classic Cook – a really wonderful cap to a career that was cut far too short. Luckily I managed to tape the whole thing on a repeat showing in 1994 – although it was actually screened on Channel Four in the UK (sorry to be picky…)

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