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The great train robbery March 5, 2007

Posted by Jeff in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Starting last August through the end of December, I posted various YouTubes and sound files from the prodigious works of the team of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, which have proven to be the most popular items on this non-blog (over 1,900 hits as of this writing). For the next week, the seven most popular posts from that series.

In seventh place …

On August 8, 1963, a British mail train was robbed of £2.3 million in cash by a fifteen-member gang. It was the inspiration for another brilliant skit from Beyond The Fringe; Peter Cook interviewed by Alan Bennett …

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1. Katie - January 25, 2007

im so dissapointed this clip is not available. id have loved to see it. By the way brill blogs on Peter Cook. The funniest man who ever lived!!!

2. Jeff - January 25, 2007

Thanks for bringing the broken link to my attention … it’s all better now (to mangle a Monty Python quote)

3. Katie - January 25, 2007

in the words of peter cook himself – There’s terrific merit in having no sense of humour, no sense of irony, practically no sense of anything at all. If you’re born with these so-called defects you have a very good chance of getting to the top.

That was a fantastic piece of comedy. Peter Cook is his usual unflappable self and his comedy timing is just perfect. im delighted to have found you non blog and will be visiting it more often from now on! Keep up the good work!

4. David Huckle - May 14, 2007

HI I would dearly like to record — The Great Train Robbery –How can I do this please?

5. Jeff - May 14, 2007
6. Anonymous - April 25, 2013

where can i find the script for the great train robbery?

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