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Disney’s hate radio January 8, 2007

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias", Saving the Internet.

Imagine turning on the radio and hearing talk show hosts advocate the murder of public officials, journalists, liberals, Democrats, Arabs and Muslims. Then imagine the corporation that owns that radio station retaliating against a blogger for protesting to the advertisers.

The city: San Francisco. The corporation: Disney.

Disney-owned radio station KSFO has a well-earned reputation as the most right-wing talk station, if not in the nation, certainly in any major American city. (Los Angeles’s KFI might as well be Pacifica Radio by comparison.)

Spocko, a Bay Area blogger, saw that the only pressure Disney was likely to understand was economic. He launched a letter-writing campaign aimed at KSFO advertisers, spotlighting such incidents as jock Brian Sussman demanding that a Muslim caller

say Allah is a whore!

Or the time host Lee Rogers said:

Indonesia is really just another enemy Muslim nation … You keep screwing around with stuff like this we are going to kill a bunch of you. Millions of you.

Or Melanie Morgan’s warning about Nancy Pelosi:

We’ve got a bulls-eye painted on her big laughing eyes.

Of course, Disney’s hate-jocks have the same free-speech rights as the rest of us*, especially as the FCC seems to be more concerned with this. As Spocko put it in his letter to AT&T, a KSFO advertiser:

Of course political speech is protected, but I believe the FBI and the FCC frown on targeting elected officials for death or inciting violence toward leaders of any political party.

* or at least, those of us who own a radio station …

In support of his campaign Spocko posted mp3 clips of the above and other examples of KSFO hate speech. His posts were clearly protected activity under the Fair Use Doctrine. In response to Spocko’s campaign and other protests, Netflix, MasterCard, Bank of America and Visa have pulled their ads from KSFO, and FedEx, AT&T and Kaiser are reportedly considering following suit.

On December 22, Disney sent a letter to Spocko and his ISP, 1&1 Internet, threatening lawsuits for copyright infringement. When Spocko refused to take down the mp3 files, on January 2 1&1 Internet shut down Spocko’s blog. (As of January 6 the blog is back up again, now hosted by BlogRolling.)

I first learned about this from DailyKos, which to date has had the most comprehensive coverage of the issue. There are also good posts on Firedoglake, Whisky Fire, The Unapologetic Mexican (source of the above graphic) and Supreme Irony. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has stepped up to assist Spocko in what will likely be a counter-suit against Disney. The EFF deserves our support.

Go to the KSFO tag on DailyKos for up-to-date information on how to join the fight against corporate fascist greed and trampling of free-speech rights. Meanwhile, per Spocko’s suggestion, here are the sound files that got him kicked off the Internet. I’m linking these from another site, but I have the original sound files and I’ll put them up on my server if necessary. If you can’t stand to listen to all of the sound links, at the bottom of this post is a YouTube with some of the highlights lowlights.

Let’s see how far the Rat Factory wants to push this.

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