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Die Fledermaus, act II part 1 December 30, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Die Fledermaus, German, Musicals, Opera, Theater.

Take my word for it — the less attention you pay to the plot, the better. (Tomorrow the plot disappears entirely, and in act III you’ll wish it did.)

Act II. The house of Prince Orlovsky

The guests celebrate (“Ein souper heut uns winkt”). Adele finds her sister Ida (Ingrid Baier), who denies sending her the note inviting her to the ball.

Prince Orlovsky (Doris Soffel) reminds Falke that he has promised to make him laugh tonight. Falke proposes a comedy: “The Revenge Of The Bat”. Years ago, Eisenstein and Falke got drunk at a costume party, and Eisenstein abandoned his friend who had to walk home the next morning dressed as a bat (die Fledermaus). Tonight, Falke promises the Prince, he will have his vengeance.

Orlovsky declares his motto (“Chacun à son goût”). Eisenstein arrives and is announced with the alias of “Marquis Renard”; Adele is presented as the actress “Mlle. Olga.”

When introduced to each other, Eisenstein swears that he recognizes her as his maid wearing his wife’s dress, but he is assured by the other guests that she is not an imposter.

Adele turns the tables and challenges Eisenstein’s alias (“Mein Herr Marquis”). Frank appears, disguised as the “Chevalier Chagrin”. Orlovsky introduces them expecting them to speak French to each other. Next to appear is Rosalinde, in disguise as a Hungarian countess, just in time to see Eisenstein dancing with Adele who is wearing Rosalinde’s dress.

Eisenstein does not recognize the mysterious Countess as his wife when they are introduced, but tries to charm her with his watch (“Dieser Anstand, so manierlich”). Just as Eisenstein thinks that his charm is working, Rosalinde takes his watch …

… and then performs a Czardas to prove that she is Hungarian (“Die Klänge meiner Heimat”).

Orlofsky proposes a toast of champagne, and suggests that everyone address each other casually and enjoy the spirit of the occasion (“Im Feuerstorm der Reben”).

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