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“Lonely Town” December 4, 2006

Posted by Jeff in Comden and Green, Musicals, Theater.

In the concert version of On The Town, Thomas Hampson plays Gabey, the sailor who falls in love with the girl on a Miss Turnstiles poster.

When his search for the elusive Ivy Smith proves fruitless, he sings of his frustration with this “Lonely Town”.

Later, after finding Ivy, he realizes he’s “Lucky To Be Me”.

I’m not much of a Thomas Hampson fan — he’s pretty wooden for Broadway repertoire. And whose idea was the white tuxes — are we supposed to be imagining they’re dressed as sailors?

But hell, it’s Bernstein, Comden and Green.

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1. David Ocker - December 5, 2006

Thanks so much for this – I didn’t know about this performance before. I just ordered it from Amazon (on VHS, no DVD to be seen).

Leslie and I are big fans of On The Town – we even named one cat “Miss Ivy Turnstiles Perkette” (um, the “Perkette” part is her married name, It’s too long a story…)

We also hunted up a few other On The Town YouTubes – Chita Rivera doing I Can Cook Too on the Carol Burnett show? Way Beyond Bizarre.

P.S. White tuxes used to mean “outdoors” and/or “summertime” performances.

P.P.S. Thanks for the links to M.M.

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