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Why Kathe smears lambchops over her front door November 18, 2006

Posted by Jeff in 1946 through 1960, Books I like, Movies.

In celebration of Katherine Orrison‘s birthday, and the inauguration of her new website

Kathe is a film historian and author of two books. Written In Stone: Making Cecil B. De Mille’s Epic, The Ten Commandments is the only book written about the making of De Mille’s final film; Lionheart In Hollywood is the biography of Henry Wilcoxon and his twenty-five-year association with De Mille as actor and associate producer. She also contributed commentary tracks to the DVD releases of both the 1923 and 1956 versions of The Ten Commandments.

Here’s the sequence from the 1956 version in which God inflicts the tenth plague upon Egypt:

And here’s the same sequence with Kathe’s commentary:

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