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Dubya’s favorite Democrat July 28, 2006

Posted by Jeff in "Reality has a well-known liberal bias".

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Tom Tomorrow on Joe Lieberman

The poiltical news from my home state just gets better and better. There’s something flattering about all this .. no one has paid this much attention to boring old Connecticut politics since John Rowland went jail after being forced to resign as Governor.

In addition to Tom Tomorrow‘s thoughts on the pseudo-backlash, Joe Conason points out that if the supporters of Ned Lamont were nothing more than a cabal of carpetbagging, liberal bloggers, wy would they endorse an heir to the J.P. Morgan fortune? A Democrat from Greenwich?

The establishment reaction to Lamont’s surge in the polls is a case study in the entrenchment of power. And look at the @%&$*! Clintons — Bill endorsing his good friend Joe who called him “immoral” on the Senate floor when he was caught with Monica — and Hillary allowing that she will endorse whomever wins the primary. What a couple of weasels.

And, of course, Stephen Colbert has an opinion.


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