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Keeping vids with KeepVid July 7, 2006

Posted by Jeff in News about the non-blog.

As you will have undoubtedly noticed, so far my “favorite things” section is heavily reliant upon content from Youtube.com. YouTube has so much good stuff that I don’t even mind that eighty percent of it is home movies of college students drinking and passing out.

A lot of the most interesting postings on YouTube are copyrighted, and when YouTube gets complaints they take down the video in question, no ifs ands or buts. And unlike other video sites such as Google Video, YouTube is not configured to facilitate copying videos off their site.

That’s where KeepVid comes in. KeepVid will allow you to archive a copy of any video posted on YouTube or virtually any other video website.

KeepVid’s output is in Flash Video (FLV) format. Here is a freeware FLV player in Windows format, and a player in Mac OSX and a variety of other OS formats (I haven’t checked this one out yet).


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